Hans-Jürgen Joit
  • Graduated in 1988 as a Specialist Prosthodontics Technician in Germany.
  • Specialist technician in Dental Studio Dieter Boelte until 2001.
  • Master's Degree in Specialist Prosthodontics Techniques in Düsseldorf in 2001 
  • Owner of laboratory Dental Lab Line, Düsseldorf, since 2001.
  • Has participated in numerous courses given by Klaus Müterthies, Claude Sieber, Willi Geller, Enrico Steger, Thilo Vock, Uli Werder, Gerald Ubassy, Michel Magne, and Nondas Vlachopoulos and many more.   
  • Since 2005, he has given national and international courses and conferences (Seoul University Korea, Sokcho City Dental College Korea, Dental World Symposium, Zahngipfel Allgäu, Zahntechnikertagung St. Moritz, Digital Dentistry, Art Oral Phase, Ceramist Congress, Colloquium Dental, etc.).
  • Author of numerous articles in national and international journals.


From digital impressions and Lab scanning to the end result with Celtra Duo, Celtra Press, Cercon ht & xt workshop
Friday 28 June, 09:00-11:00 & 11:30-13:00

All Ceramic Power – Precision, Workflow, Management
Saturday 29 June, 12:05-12:50
Lab parallel conferences