Aesthetics & Orthodontics: the importance of multidisciplinary treatment
Julia García & David García
Aesthetics and Orthodontics: The Importance of a Multidisciplinary Treatment

Julia García Baeza and David García Baeza

The treatment of dental and facial deformities currently involves intense collaboration between the orthodontic and surgical teams to achieve the best result for the patient. The arrival of new technologies such as CBCT or CT radiology images, the collection of digitalised data by model or intraoral scanning, and the market appearance of new management, diagnosis and treatment programs for occlusal and facial problems, has produced a huge revolution in orthognathic surgery.

These new technologies have allowed Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Surgery professionals to be approached, and the other’s work to be seen more closely. The emergence of this technology has often produced the difficulty of transferring from analogue to virtual, from plaster and resin to digital archives or CAD-CAM technology. The latter should not suppose rejection, but rather the opposite, a facilitation of our work with these so complex patients. We will try to summarise how we can better communicate among professionals and what tools to use to be able, through study, to plan and implement our patients’ treatment.