Interdisciplinary aesthetic dentistry: orthodontic techniques in restorative treatment
Ignacio Faus & Vicente Faus
More and more adult patients come to their dentist/orthodontist in search of a solution to their problems of dental crowding or poor positioning. These patients very often ask for an aesthetic and non-invasive resolving treatment. Dental wear, loss of pieces or earlier rehabilitative treatments in many cases can be a determining factor to be taken into account in these kinds of patients. In some of these cases, an interdisciplinary approach is essential to assess, diagnose and answer all the aesthetic problems that the patient poses. In terms of restoration, before the smile is rehabilitated, and especially in the case of adult patients, a treatment plan and a selection of the appropriate materials are required, preliminary orthodontics playing a very important role in performing minimally invasive treatments and in improving interarch relationships, as well as for periodontal health.