Managing impacted and transposed teeth
Raffaele Spena
Dental impactions and transpositions are quite common problems in Orthodontics. They can be challenging in diagnosing and treating them. In the past, in severe complex situations, extraction of the impacted/transposed tooth has been advised. More recently, it has been advocated to leave the teeth in transposed positions to avoid the risks of treatment. Surgical exposure and type of traction of the impacted teeth (open or close?) is still a debated topic in the literature. 

Today, thanks to: 
  • 3D imaging that allows an accurate diagnosis and planning 
  • TADs that allow force systems difficult or impossible to imagine few years ago 
  • Thermal activated archwires that allow low level force application 
  • Efficient bracket systems with low friction 
  • Alveolar corticotomy that allow an increased metabolic bone response management of these severe impactions and transpositions is easier and less risky than ever before

The presentation will show how to manage severe and diverse dental impactions and transpositions in the best possible way taking advantage of all the most recent technologies and protocols.