Torque expression with CCO for vertical control
Celestino Nóbrega
Different options of self-ligating brackets have been currently offered to Orthodontists worldwide. There is no doubt that the professional should consider reliable and consistent factors for deciding to routinely use these accessories. However, torque efficiency and control, one of the most important characteristics of the straight wire concept, have not being adequately regarded.

CCO prescription will be presented and discussed as the only one to consider the fact that other prescriptions, devised and designed for conventional brackets, are no longer appropriate for the new generation of interactive self-ligating brackets.

SURESMILE platform will be presented, addressing features that can optimize orthodontic treatment with fixed accessories or clear aligners.

Course Topics
  • Torque expression and self ligation
  • Why skipping from Roth to CCO prescription?
  • Operative procedures – gingival recountouring; Frenectomy; Access gingivectomy; operculum removal.
  • SureSmile platform features: Indirect Bonding / SureSmile aligners / Advanced Diagnosis / DIY

Course objectives
The aim of this presentation is to clarify the differences between the various self-ligating systems available, through clinical and laboratory considerations that support the rational use of interactive accessories. In particular, the correlation between the proper expression of torques and clinical outcomes will be discussed.