Levelling the Vertical Plane to Solve Vertical Problems
Antonino Secchi
Leveling the occlusal plane to solve vertical problems
Antonino G. Secchi

Vertical problems such as anterior open bites and or deep overbites can become some of the most difficult cases to treat. Most of the biomechanics in these cases have focused on the wrong movements, either molar intrusion for open biteorincisor intrusion for deep over bite cases, many times using a variety of complicated and invasive auxiliaries. This lecture will demonstrate through clinical cases a simple biomechanics to solve these vertical problems focused on leveling the occlusal plane. Learning objectives:

· Attendees of this lecture will be able to identify the role of the occlusal plane in the vertical plane
· Attendees of this lecture will be able to compare different types of biomechanics to solve vertical problems
· Attendees of this lecture will be able to manage the most common open bite and deep over bite cases throughout leveling the occlusal plane.