How to select the appropriate bone-regenerative approach?
Alberto Ortíz-Vigón
How to select the appropriate bone regenerative approach?

Alberto Ortiz-Vigón

The most appropriate approach for treatment with dental implants is first of all to plan the ideal prosthesis for the patient and afterward to place the implants in the optimal position for achieving the planned therapeutic goal. 

Bone atrophies of the alveolar crest will condition this ideal position of the implants and therefore, bone augmentation procedures would be necessary either simultaneous or previous to the implant insertion. Most studies aiming for lateral bone augmentation have used the principles of guided bone regeneration by combining different bone replacement grafts and barrier membranes. There is, however, no clear evidence of which is the ideal technique, graft or membrane material.

The objective of this lecture is to clarify the clinical efficacy of the bone augmentation procedure for dental implants placement.