Failure in Endodontics: Retreatment
Wilhelm Pertot
The different studies about the quality of the endodontic treatment indicates that more than 50% of the treatments performed in routine practice by general practitioners are inadequate. Therefore, the knowledge of retreatment techniques is very important, as this procedure is more and more frequent in the daily practice.

The first part of the lecture will discuss the indications of endodontic retreatment as well as the predictive clinical factors for success.

The second part of the lecture will show the step by step of the retreatment procedure which include the removal of all coronal restorations to gain access to the pulp chamber; the removal of cemented, casted and bonded posts; the location of the previously missed canals; root canal desobturation from all materials (silver cones, endodontic pastes, gutta percha or fractured instruments) and finally the bypass of previous ledges to gain access to the full length of the canal.

The different clinical procedures will be discussed showing different clinical situation, with X-rays, pictures and videos.