Latest advances in integrating digital protocols: Facial scanners and mandibular movement recording systems
Guillermo Pradíes
The term "integration" has become the keyword of digital protocols. The possibility of associating different types of resources such as x-ray, photograph and video files, and others from intra- and extra-oral scanners, etc. are the basis for arriving at what is considered the "virtual patient". Facial scanners serve to establish the aesthetic framework in which the patient's smile will be designed, so their usefulness is beyond doubt. So far, the redirection of the arch to the correct position and its integration in CAD softwares have been the aspects that have been worked on most to achieve their correct use. Furthermore, the apparatuses used to record jaw movements also contribute significantly to the virtual patient, as their aim is to allow restorations to be performed that respect the patient's jaw biodynamics. During the presentation, the current state of developments, limitations, etc. of these two important digital tools will be reviewed.