Inlay vs crown: between tradition, science and fashion
Francisco Martínez Rus
Thanks to progress in adhesion and the development of new materials, Restorative Dentistry has moved towards increasingly conservative treatments and procedures with the dental structure. The current concepts and techniques have changed considerably with respect to the classical techniques based on retention. We are now experiencing a change from the traditional model, in which the crown was considered the most appropriate treatment because it was the strongest and most durable restoration, to the biomimetic approach, the objective of which is to create a minimally invasive restoration compatible with the biological, mechanical and optical properties of the underlying tissues. In this sense, the restoration of rear teeth is an important challenge in most cases, since the dentist has a wide range of materials and techniques available. In this paper, the main aspects will be analysed for the selection of the best restoration in each case and working protocols will be presented for obtaining stable results in the long term.