Functional and aesthetic integration with the latest generation materials: Celtra Press
Gustavo √Āvalos & Olga Cerulla
Today’s dentistry, as it has been known in recent years, is clearly another manifestation of cutting-edge technology. This current has broken the most important paradigm of history in the dental field; it is not only changing the way our patients are diagnosed and treated, but it is also changing our lives, leaving super-powerful applications in our hands to design and control 3D images. By grasping the advantages of production engineering and material engineering, materials are being produced with elegant appearances and formidable structural performances. 

Our profession is leaving behind the production line in which there was a classic sequence of material handling, to become a logical management of images and production techniques with the latest materials. All this progress seems to go hand in hand with the demands and expectations of our modern patients, and our day-to-day work is sure to lead us to invest more in virtual Laboratory-Clinic communication and perhaps less in the dental chair, to plan and perform from the simplest to the most complicated treatments. 

 Colleagues, we are therefore left the last great change; our adaptation to this new era and our leaving the conventional line to come up alongside the exponential side of modern dentistry.