Craftsmanship and CAD/CAM: is it possible?
Ferran Llansana & Manuel Mínguez
At a time when Digital Dentistry seemed only to be digital photography and the more than well-known Digital Smile Design, intraoral scanners burst into our daily practice and Real Digital Dentistry arrives.

This tool allows the dentist-prosthetic team to start the digital workflow in an absolutely virtual way, suppressing the conventional impression-taking and the subsequent scanning of the model in the laboratory with the small errors that this produces.

It is in this concept of digital workflow that we should not fall into the error of doing it faster or less meticulously. In our presentation we therefore expose our work protocols where we particularly stress taking advantage of all the classic concepts of dental prosthesis. Without losing this base, we rely on new digital technologies to facilitate information communication and transmission, predictability in the result and greater precision in the adjustment.  Once this is achieved, we also take advantage of the agility and speed they provide to advance and improve the quality of care for our patients.