Basic concepts in guided bone regeneration: how to achieve harmony between hard and soft tissue and the definitive prosthetic
Santiago Carreras & Antonio Castilla
Guided bone regeneration, basic concepts; how to achieve harmony between our hard and soft tissues and the definitive prosthesis

Practical theoretical workshop

1- Biological concepts of the r.o.g.

2- Materials:
• Types of membranes
• Types of biomaterials

3- Techniques:
• Alveolar preservation
• Sandwich technique
• Sause tecniche

4- Fault diagnosis

5- Type of incisions:
• Upper max.
• Lower max.

6- Sutures

7- Second surgical phases:
• Bilaminar grafts
• Displaced pedicle grafts
• Trap door tecniche Hands-on practice on animal model
• How to prepare tension-free flaps
• Types of suture
• Handling of membranes and biomaterials in the fault area