Management of atrophic areas in implantology: Split bone block technique step by step
José Luis Domínguez-Mompell & Juan Lara Chao

1. Graft biology
  • Characteristics of the ideal bone graft

2. Reconstruction Closure: Keys to success
  • Rotated Palate Flap
  • Tunnelling approach

3. Split Bone Block Technique
Predictable handling of:
  • Horizontal Atrophies
  • Vertical Atrophies

4. Soft peri-implant tissue in reconstructive surgery.
  •  Kazanjian vestibuloplasty
  •  Free gum graft

Animal model workshop

1. Taking of the block graft; Use of the Microsaw
2. Sagittal division of the graft
3. Fixture of the bone layer using osteo synthesis
4. Techniques for modifying the soft tissue in reconstructive surgery.