Immediate loading with SmartFix in full rehabilitations
Rafael del Castillo
Immediate loading with the SmartFix concept in full rehabilitations

The preparation of a detailed treatment plan, from the analysis of extra oral factors (facial aesthetics and smile), intra oral factors (DVO, occlusion, dental position, occlusal plane) and the manufacture, design and stability of the provisional prosthesis are key factors in performing a predictable immediate load protocol. 

In cases with inclined implants, the Multibase 17º and 30º pillars of the SmartFix System allow unfavourable angles to be corrected and an aesthetic and functional prosthesis to be designed and manufactured for immediate loading.

  • To understand why a protocol guided by the prosthesis is the correct way to plan cases and is the central axis of any treatment plan
  • To understand and become familiar with the use of the different materials needed to perform an immediate loading protocol.
  • To immediately load with a temporary prosthesis designed for this immediate loading protocol, as well as the Multibase 17º and 30º pillars of the SmartFix System to create a correct pattern for inserting the prosthesis.