R2C™, endodontics and the restoration of the endodontically treated tooth
Montse Mercadé & Francisco Martínez Rus
R2C™, Endodontics and restoration of the root canal Endodontics update.

Restoration and appearance of the endodontised tooth

Endodontics: Safety and Resilience
• Purpose of endodontics.
• Diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.
• Anatomical keys of the cavity opening
• Location of root canals: Concept of permeabilisation
• Radiological and electronic conductometry: Apex locators
• With what and how to irrigate?
• Canal forming techniques: Design of instruments and alloys
• Rotary instrumentation: Protaper Next system
• Thermoplastic filling: Guttacore

Reconstruction and appearance of the endodontised tooth

• Restoration as a key to success in endodontics.
Importance of immediate sealing in the medium and long term success of canal treatments.
• Protocol to achieve good adherence
• Tension shock absorbers
• How to achieve a good contact point.
• Composites: Beauty in direct restoration with composite resin