From digital impressions and Lab scanning to the end result. Cases using Celtra Duo, Celtra Press, Cercon ht + xt workshop
Carlos Plata, Hans J├╝rgen Joit, Lanfranco Santocchi & Yuri Ros
Today, the dental prosthesis scenario has changed completely, due to the complete digitalisation of its processes. What much of the profession continues to call “the future”, is the present and almost the past for many professionals in the sector. This digitalisation has reached not only the dental laboratories, but also the clinics, thanks to intraoral scanners, the constantly improving accuracy of which increases the type of restorations that can be taken in and sent to the laboratory for the prostheses to be made up. In the workshop we will present the digitalisation of a working model, the design of the prosthesis and its milling, and subsequently finish them with several techniques. We will try to demonstrate what, more than a trip to the future, a trip towards the present of Dental Prosthesis is.