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The Passion for Ceramics

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Sra. Sabine Mayer


Shape Contrast.

What is aesthetics?

What do we understand by beauty?

What do we find harmonious?

What does golden ratio have to do with teeth?

I will try to answer these and other questions in my lecture.

For us, aesthetics means that something is beautiful. However,beauty is very subjective and means something different for everyone.

Whether it is symmetry, or seemingly imperfect detail, an irregulary running incisal edge or different crown is remains not really analyzable for us.

Even science calculates the harmony of beauty and already ancient scholars and artists, like Leonardo DaVi nci, dealt with this topic. The golden ratio is an example of this.

Nature gives us the perfect imperfection and inspires us to imitate it. Our goal is to imitate it as well as possible, which means we have to look very carefully and consciously at the nature of teeth to understand their life and soul.

Using case studies, I try to trace the harmony and aesthetics, encourage you to trust your gut feeling and imitate small differences that occur in nature by grinding details, and by introducing effect masse s into the layering to create contrasts and breathe life into crowns...

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