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Sábado 11
15:30 ~ 16:15

The treatment of edentulous jaws: new solutions for old challenges

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Dr. Christoph Hämmerle

Edentulousness is still wide spread in many populations. It is accompanied by decreased self-esteem, by inadequate function and also by deficits regarding a well-balanced nutrition. Implant placement in order to retain a removable or to anchor a fixed prosthesis has been demonstrated to substantially improve patient well-being. When deciding to place implants into an edentulous jaw, the therapist is faced with a series of important clinical challenges. How many implants will bring the patient the best satisfaction and also ensure long-term stability? How should these implants best be distributed along the dental arch? How long do these implants need to be with respect to the planned reconstruction and to the available bone? What diagnostic steps and processes are best suitable to plan the placement of the implants and the fabrication of the reconstruction? Is it beneficial to place the implants in a direction for them to be loaded axially or is it better to tilt the implants? On the one hand, recent research has shed light on a number of these questions, whereas on the other hand the clinician is still confronted with different challenges, when treating patient with edentulous jaws. The present talk will summarize the clinical and scientific knowledge in this field and provide clinical guidelines for treatment.

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